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Call Scott June 4th: “Licenses For All NOW!”

– Alekos Zambrano


Call Governor Rick Scott on June 4th, 2015 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Phone # (850) 488-7146


When: June 4th, 2015
Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Phone # (850) 488-7146
* You can make multiple calls throughout the day!

“My name is ___________ and I’m calling from ___(City/State)____. I want Florida Governor Rick Scott to support the undocumented’s access to a driver’s license – which will help put a stop to deportations. Issue a statement now!”

“Mi nombre es ___________ y estoy llamando desde ___ (Ciudad / Estado) ____ Quiero que el gobernador de la Florida, Rick Scott, apoye licencias de conducir para los indocumentados – lo que ayudará a poner fin a las deportaciones. Rick Scott declaré su apoyo públicamente ahora!”


Rick Scott doesn’t care about immigrants. He would rather use the immigration rights movement in Florida and the overall desperation of the community to his own benefit whenever he can. In our state the conditions for undocumented immigrants keep getting worse or staying the same, and Rick Scott as our Governor has done nothing but wait when it is convenient for him to do something half way.

Around 2010 Rick Scott made it clear where he stood on the issue of immigration. He made comments blaming immigrants for costing the state “countless billions” and taking jobs from U.S. residents. He also vetoed a bill that would allow Dreamers to get licenses.

When Rick Scott was running for governor he repeatedly said in interviews that he supports Arizona’s SB1070 and he supports Sherriff Arpiao’s enforcement of it. Rick Scott even supports the Republican idea of a standardized national ID system.

After all of this he still decided to pass In-State Tuition for undocumented students last year, when asked why he changed his position on Immigration he said that he cared more about keeping his promise to not increase tuition. This type of thinking is probably why this year’s bill to give licenses to the undocumented was proposed in a way that focuses on highway safety and not bettering the lives of working people. This is also probably why the bill failed.

The truth is that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want what is best for the immigrant community. Both parties will oppose any bill that could threaten the money rich people have invested in profitable industries. These include construction, agricultural work, day labor and countless other areas that make millions off of exploiting the undocumented. For these people, giving the undocumented legal status even if its temporary or even if it’s just a licenses could get in the way of their profits.

This is why we need to let these politicians know that we see the truth behind their actions and lame attempts to pass reforms only when it is convenient for them. We need to let them know that what we want is meaningful reform based on what the people need and not on what will protect the investments of a few.


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