Join us to demand #DACA4ALL! | Nov 3rd Tampa

On November 3rd, 2014, Raices en Tampa will be joined by supporters and organizations who believe that enough is enough: No more broken promises from Obama and the Democratic Party. We will gather outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Tampa to stand up to the Deporter-in-Chief and say no more excuses!

Politicians are jockeying left and right for votes during election season. However, the politicians must realize that the more broken promises and the more excuses they give for delaying DACA for all will result in backlash from the Hispanic and Latino communities they claim to support. Each day that President Obama delays executive action on immigration, over a thousand people are deported and thousands more have lost a loved one. While some feel that we must support the Democratic Party and Obama at all costs, we reject this idea. This is not a game; people’s lives are at stake. If the Democratic Party continues to play political games with our communities, we must respond.
This administration under President Obama, has overseen more deportations than any President before him. To this we must ask: is this what we support? If year after year we continuously give our unflinching support to a Party that breaks its promises, we will never gain anything. Although Republicans in Congress have been a major roadblock to legalization for all, Democrats have done little to fight back, aside from making promises that they never uphold. President Obama has the ability to sign an executive order giving relief to the millions of undocumented immigrants who have been patiently waiting. Instead of living up to his promise, he has instead lived up to his name as Deporter-in-Chief. To Obama and the Democrats, their political lives are worth more than immigrants’ actual lives.

We need Obama and the Democrats to feel the heat! Our lives matter and our votes matter! As the anger swells in immigrant communities over the Democrats failed leadership, the politicians must realize that if their inaction continues, our actions against them will only intensify. People of conscience have begun to see that change will only come through the people. If the people come together and organize independent of the two parties, which only represent big corporations and the ruling class, a new dynamic can be formed and present a real challenge to the parties’ political power.

Join us on November 3rd, the day before the election to let Obama and the Deportation Party know that if we don’t get it, we’ll shut it down!

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