Raíces en Tampa to Host Immigration Panel – April 2nd @USF



There was a time when all you heard from immigrants rights groups was: Let’s Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform or CIR!
Whatever happened with CIR? Did it pass? Did it die?
Why are some people calling President Barack Obama the “Deporter In Chief”?
And then others are calling Republic Speaker Boehner the “REAL Deporter In Chief”?
What is behind each of these movements and why are we all saying different things?

There are some immigrants rights groups who exclusively organize around stopping the deportations and they go through great lengths to stop them from happening. Some include what is on our flyer, a human chain attempting to stop a deportation bus. What happened to them? Where are they now?

During this very special and important Immigration Panel, you will hear from a group of people who have
been leading the immigration movement in the country, the state of Florida and even the city of Tampa.

Some of our speakers include:

Professor Masao Suzuki from San Jose, California
Involved in the Civil Rights movement for immigrants right and advocate for Japanese as well as Asian Americans, Professor Suzuki has been helping pave the way for immigrants rights while tying it all in with Economics.

Marisol Marquez of Raíces en Tampa
Working with Raíces en Tampa, Marisol’s struggle has been a mighty push to stop deportations in Florida.
One of her goals is also fighting for Legalization for ALL undocumented immigrants.

Veronica Juarez of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society
Tampa Bay SDS’s campaign this year was to fight for in-state tuition for all undocumented immigrants! Hear from Veronica about the updates on that bill and how the work for tuition equity was organized!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn the real reasons behind the immigration movements and
what YOU can do to: STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!

Some helpful resources:


Our official facebook event:
RSVP here: http://on.fb.me/1g0jqhx

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